Is it safe for pregnant women to drink acerola cherry juice

Acerola cherry is a beloved fruit, especially among expecting mothers. Apart from consuming it directly, acerola cherry can be used to create incredibly enticing juices. However, many people are unsure whether pregnant women can drink acerola cherry juice. Let’s explore the effects of acerola cherry juice for pregnant women in the following article!

Can pregnant women drink acerola cherry juice?

Acerola cherry is known for being incredibly rich in vitamins. This fruit contains numerous essential nutrients vital for the body such as iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and B2, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, and more. Because of this, consuming acerola cherry juice provides the body with a plethora of necessary nutrients, while also helping prevent certain illnesses.

According to research, acerola cherry is even richer in vitamin C, containing 20 to 40 times more than oranges or lemons. Therefore, it has anti-aging effects, promotes skin beauty, and effectively aids weight loss for women. Scientists even refer to acerola cherry as the ‘natural king of vitamin C.’ Hence, just a 150ml glass of acerola cherry juice daily can provide women with the required daily amount of vitamin C.

So, can pregnant women drink acerola cherry juice? The answer is yes, pregnant women can consume acerola cherry juice during pregnancy. However, expecting mothers should be mindful of the quantity they intake and avoid excessive consumption of this juice. Overindulgence might lead to adverse effects affecting the digestive system or nutrient toxicity.

Is it safe for pregnant women to drink acerola cherry juice
Is it safe for pregnant women to drink acerola cherry juice

What are the benefits of pregnant women drinking acerola cherry juice?

Is it safe for pregnant women to drink acerola cherry juice? Acerola cherry juice is packed with essential nutrients beneficial for the health of pregnant women during their gestation period. Here are some fantastic benefits of acerola cherry juice for pregnant women:

Good for cardiovascular health

Acerola cherry juice contains a high level of potassium, a crucial element beneficial for cardiovascular health. Thus, incorporating acerola cherry juice into the diet during pregnancy helps relax blood vessels, enhances blood circulation, consequently preventing the common issue of low blood pressure among expectant mothers.

Boosts immune system

Acerola cherry juice is rich in vitamin C, known for its immunity-boosting properties. Additionally, vitamin C stimulates the production of immune cells, enhancing the body’s ability to combat harmful agents like bacteria, viruses, and environmental pathogens. Since the immune system tends to weaken during pregnancy, supplementing with acerola cherry juice becomes essential.

Enhances body metabolism

The vitamin B content in acerola cherry juice aids in facilitating the body’s metabolic processes. Moreover, niacin and riboflavin, both part of the vitamin B group, stabilize and improve the body’s metabolism. They generate energy necessary for the body’s normal functioning.

Supports Healthy and Bright Eyes

The high content of vitamin A in acerola cherry juice serves as eye protection, aiding pregnant women in maintaining healthy and bright eyes. Additionally, compounds like lutein and beta-carotene in acerola cherry juice help prevent eye conditions such as retinal hemorrhage and cataracts, while also enhancing visual acuity for expectant mothers.

Improves Digestive System

Digestive disorders, especially constipation, are common issues faced by pregnant women. Acerola cherry juice, rich in fiber, significantly improves the functionality of the digestive system. It aids in cleansing harmful bacteria in the intestines, preventing bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, and notably easing the prevalent issue of constipation among expectant mothers.

Enhances Skin Beauty

Acerola cherry juice contains high levels of bioflavonoids, potent antioxidants that combat cell aging, slowing down wrinkle formation. Moreover, its high vitamin C content promotes collagen production, resulting in brighter, smoother skin. It helps address skin problems such as dryness, dark spots, melasma, and uneven skin tone.

Prevents Pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is a perilous condition occurring in the later months of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the mother’s body tends to lack magnesium, leading to the onset of pre-eclampsia. This condition poses risks like premature birth, miscarriage, and maternal bleeding. Magnesium in acerola cherry juice plays a role in preventing pre-eclampsia in expectant mothers. Moreover, consuming acerola cherry juice also regulates blood cholesterol levels.

Considerations When Consuming Acerola Cherry Juice During Pregnancy

By now, you’ve likely answered the question, ‘Can pregnant women drink acerola cherry juice?’ Acerola cherry juice is a beverage rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients beneficial for pregnant women. However, when consuming acerola cherry juice, expectant mothers should consider the following:

– Choose acerola cherries with a clear, clean origin, free from pesticides, and verified for food safety. It’s advisable to purchase acerola cherries from reputable sources to ensure quality.

– Clean and drain acerola cherries before juicing. If not immediately used, store them in the refrigerator’s cool compartment. However, extended refrigeration might diminish their freshness.

– Despite its health benefits, pregnant women should not excessively consume acerola cherry juice. It’s essential to maintain a balanced intake to avoid adverse effects on both the mother and the fetus.

In addition to acerola cherry juice, pregnant women should diversify their nutrient intake by incorporating various other fruit juices. This practice ensures a well-rounded nutritional profile, preventing nutrient imbalances.

Hopefully, this article has provided expecting mothers with answers regarding the consumption of acerola cherry juice during pregnancy and highlighted the excellent benefits of this juice. Mothers should consider including acerola cherry juice and other fruit juices in their daily dietary regimen.


Is acerola cherry safe?

Acerola cherry is generally considered safe for consumption. It’s a natural fruit high in vitamin C and antioxidants. However, as with any food or supplement, individuals with allergies or sensitivities should exercise caution. Also, consuming excessive amounts of acerola cherry or its supplements may lead to side effects, so moderation is key.

What is the difference between cherry and acerola cherry?

Acerola cherry, also known as Barbados cherry or West Indian cherry, differs from the common cherry variety. Acerola cherry is much smaller and red-orange in color, resembling cherries but with a distinct taste. One significant difference lies in their vitamin C content, where acerola cherry is exceptionally high in vitamin C compared to regular cherries.

Is acerola cherry good for your liver?

Acerola cherry contains antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that may contribute to overall health. Some studies suggest that the antioxidants found in acerola cherry could potentially support liver health by reducing oxidative stress. However, further research is needed to make definitive claims about its direct impact on liver health.

Can babies have acerola?

Introducing acerola to babies should be approached cautiously. Acerola cherry is highly acidic and may cause digestive discomfort or allergic reactions in some infants. It’s recommended to consult with a pediatrician before introducing acerola or any new food to a baby’s diet. Additionally, waiting until a baby is older and has fewer digestive sensitivities might be advisable before introducing acerola.


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